Players are not required to create an account to play the single player campaign.


To register, players must visit the WolfQuest website.

Accounts for this version act as dual accounts. In addition to allowing online access, they grant all users access to the official community forums, where members may utilise the private messaging feature to contact friends, other members and staff or post new or participate in existing topics to gain ranks.[1][2]


  • While the community forums support a friends and foes feature, it serves little to no use in 2.5 due to technical limitations.


  1. Ranks based on community post count do not carry over to the game in any way, shape or form; like the in-game experience points system, they only display community experience.
  2. Members are advised against posting solely for ranks. • How do I get a rank on the forums? and • Why do people have things like ‘pup’ under their usernames?.
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