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Amethyst Mountain is the first game map, where the first episode of WolfQuest takes place. There are two elk hunting grounds and three wolf territories. Players cannot leave the map due to four invisible barriers at the edges of the map, preventing the player from entering the void area. Although there are borders, players can still see the void. 

There is a chance that elk carcasses can spawn beyond the borders of the map, out of reach from the player. If an elk is killed near the barrier, there is also a small chance it will glitch past the barrier and prevent the player(s) from eating it.

Historically, the real Amethyst Mountain of Yellowstone National Park fell victim to a devastating forest fire during 1988. This can be observed throughout the area of the map marked as "The Burn", where players may find an entire forest of burned/dead trees throughout the area.[1] This area adds to the realism of the game.

The public release of the first episode is based around the month of October, with the demo being roughly based in an earlier month.

Amethyst Mountain has two ponds. A larger pond can be found north-east of the Dead tree marked on the map, and a smaller one - marked as High Ridge on the map - just north of the larger pond. Dry creek contains no water. Players currently cannot drink water.



  • There is a lone barren tree close to the words Amethyst Mountain on this map that players dub the "Moon Tree".



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