Amethyst Mountain is the setting for the first episode of WolfQuest, being the first game world of the game's main campaign. There are two elk hunting grounds and three wolf territories, each with its own wolf pack based on now-defunct packs that once roamed Yellowstone National Park: the Slough Creek pack by Lamar Overlook, the Druid Peak pack on Soda Butte Vista, and the Specimen Ridge pack on Amethyst Mountain.


Players cannot leave the game world due to four invisible barriers at the edges of the map, preventing access to the void area. Once certain criteria has been fulfilled and no further progress can be made in Amethyst Mountain, a designated zone can be used to migrate to Slough Creek.

Historically, the real Amethyst Mountain of Yellowstone National Park fell victim to a devastating forest fire during 1988. This can be observed throughout the area of the map marked as "The Burn", where players may find an entire forest of dead trees and saplings scattered throughout the area.[1]

When the game first launched as a demo, the season was based in mid-to-late summer. When the final, full version launched in December 2007, the season was changed to instead reflect fall. The WolfQuest Team have confirmed that the first episode takes place in the month of October[citation needed].


The Amethyst Mountain game world features a forest of spruce trees covers the southern and partially the western portion of the map; plains overlooking the mountain to the north; a dead forest in the process of regrowth and a dried-out creek to the west and a downwards sloping mountain to the east, upon which rests a fossilized forest. There are precisely two bodies of water, both of which are ponds. In the plains, aspen trees are fairly uncommon.



  • For information about the real-world Amethyst Mountain in Yellowstone, refer to the Wikipedia and Google entries.
  • There is a lone barren tree close to the words Amethyst Mountain on this map that players dub the "Moon Tree". This is referenced in Lost River on a movie poster.
  • There is a chance that elk carcasses can spawn beyond the borders of the map, out of reach from the player. If an elk is killed near the barrier, there is also a small chance it will glitch past the barrier and prevent the player(s) from eating it.


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