Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is responsible for controlling all unplayable entities that appear throughout the course of the game such as prey and predators.


Elk: all but the bull will flee when approached by one or more wolves. It's not uncommon to see some clumsy behavior when chasing an elk, as they will run into colliders such as bushes, rocks, trees and even the map barrier while being chased. All elk will turn and retaliate when health has been sufficiently lowered.

Hare: all hare will flee when approached and die in one attack. There is little variation in their behavior as they too may run into colliders.

Calves: much like stranger wolves, calves encountered in the Cattle ranch are affixed to one randomized location each time the zone is accessed. They do not move from their location once spawned.


Stranger wolves: all stranger wolves have pre-determined spawn locations throughout Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. They do not move from their location when spawned and pose no danger to the pack or their pups in the main campaign.

Grizzly bears: Grizzlies may roam the game world, seeking carcasses and guarding them with tooth and claw should the player allow a bear to encroach on their kill. If there are no nearby carcasses to target and home in on, approaching a bear will force it to flee at a speed that cannot be matched. During the main campaign of Slough Creek, a Grizzly will speed around the den site in circles once it has locked on to a pup.

Coyotes: Coyotes are scavengers that wander the game world on their own. Unlike bears, they are quick to flee from wolves and will not fight to defend a carcass. They will, however, turn back and attempt to return to a carcass (or pup) even after they have been chased away.

Golden Eagle: Golden eagles may snatch a puppy from the jaws of an unsuspecting parent even as they are carried on the journey to the rendezvous site. They can lock-on to puppies regardless of how near or how far their parents are.


Ravens will always fly above most elk carcasses, marking the locations of randomly generated and player-killed prey. They do not land nor devour these easy meals.


  • The speed of a Grizzly makes it almost impossible to tackle should he spawn as a predator threatening the den. Typically, it is advised that the player saves and reloads until an easier predator to thwart spawns to progress in the defend den mission.
  • The eagle's snatch-from-wolf behaviour was unintentional[1].


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