Beavers are nocturnal prey set to be found in various rivers throughout WolfQuest. They make up for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of smell and excel in water maneuverability.


Amethyst Mountain


Slough Creek


Tower Fall


Lost River

These rodents maintain and inhabit a lodge built within the flooded heart of Allison Acres. It seems apparent that the beavers were responsible for erecting a dam and blocking the river's natural flow through Hank's Ditch to the reservoir on the other side, causing the neighbourhood to flood. It is unknown if this event drove its occupants to evacuate.

Whether they were intentionally introduced by humans or were invaders is unclear.

If players swim close to the lodge, they will hear noises and movements within. Occasionally, while swimming or trotting on the shore while in the vicinity of Allison Acres, the slapping of a beaver's tail and splashing will be heard.



Some theories contained below are considered rumors unless otherwise confirmed by the WolfQuest Team.

  • Whether beavers were introduced by humans or invaded is unclear.
  • It has been speculated that they caused the evacuation of Downtown and Grant's Glen.
    • Another theory suggests that beavers may have undergone genetic modifications, or were perhaps victims of nuclear mutation as a result of the BCE facility's experimentation.[1]
  • Beavers are preyed on by wolves, coyotes and bears, hence the 'prey' categorization despite not having a physical appearance in-game.
    • Tail slapping is a behavior intended to startle what a beaver may perceive to be a threat, giving it (as well as any others that may be close enough to hear the slap) time to flee to safety.[2]
  • Beavers were added to the game in 2.7, though their presence was auditory only.
    • On January 5th 2018, Dave teased a video showing a new beaver NPC (complete with its own entity) swimming in an unspecified body of water. Beavers were then confirmed to be a new prey addition in the upcoming anniversary edition across various maps.[3]


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