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Beta testing is a process of testing or quality assurance which typically involves repetitive gameplay to test various aspects of a game (including level quality, maneuverability, entities, models, NPCs, behaviors and other such assets) function correctly or as intended by the developers in order to ensure that the final product is ready for its public release.[1] 

A beta tester is expected to repeatedly replay the game and report in as much detail as possible for their findings such as bugs, glitches or any other form of 'broken' gameplay features, functions, behaviors, GUI, models and their animations, HUD and other factors that make up a video game, or focusing on specific or instructed tasks or areas of the game to test as thoroughly as possible. In short, any abnormalities that occur that are or could be perceived as being unexpected or unintentional on the part of the developers should be flagged for investigation.

In addition, a beta tester is forbidden from distributing the beta version to anyone who is not part of the group. Doing so will result in permanent removal from the beta testing group and possible exclusion from future opportunities that may arise.[citation needed]


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The role does entail some spoilers to the game before its public launch, which all participating testers are discouraged against disclosing to the public without express permission from the WolfQuest Team. WolfQuest's beta testers are appointed based on thorough bug reports.[2] The team encourages quality reports (as much detail as possible, including screenshots and the output_log) over reporting issues in sheer quantity with little to no relevant details or information.

Moderators (up until mid-2011 or earlier[citation needed]) were also granted membership upon receiving their mod position, though this was changed at a later date for reasons unknown to the public. As a result, moderators added in mid-to-late 2011, before the launch of episode 2, had no part in episode 2 beta testing.

In mid-to-late 2015, moderators were once again reinstated to participate as beta testers.


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