These articles contain information without any reference sources. The information therefore should be treated as uncited or unconfirmed until the information can be verified. Typically, we use citation where the WolfQuest Team is available (ie, WolfQuest community forum, the website's own homepage and offical WolfQuest Social Media).

Do not cite sources from external websites unless the information is...

  1. Quoted word-for-word from an official WolfQuest resource.
  2. Guaranteed not to be removed, thus breaking the resource.

Furthermore, do not cite sources from official resources unless the information can be...

  1. Permalinked; it's important to provide the direct link to posts made by the WolfQuest Team, whether on-site or off-site!
  2. Publicly available; if the information is not viewable by guests, then it must be viewable to registered users. Anything above (such as moderator-only information) should not be cited if it is in a forum that cannot be accessed by non-<usergroup> members.
    • A member of the WolfQuest Team has given consent for the information to be shared, or the information has already been publicly disclosed by a WQTM.

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