Cattle can only be found during the "night mission", which requires the player to visit the cattle ranch in Slough Creek. This area was introduced with the first launch of Survival of the Pack and granted players an additional option of hunting for relatively easier prey with which to feed their pups and themselves.

Despite being an optional mission that occurs at night-time, the player is not required to sleep until midnight. It is possible to visit the ranch at any hour of the day, though the environment for the cattle ranch is set to occur during the night. This is intended as referenced from the first release of Slough Creek.

Adult cattle

Adult cow cattle ranch inspect (2.5)

An adult cow

The adult cattle in the ranch cannot be hunted or otherwise interacted with. These animals are not hostile and cannot harm the player, though they will chase the player from the fenced area of the ranch if they get too close. It is advised to give cattle a wide berth so as not to be chased.

These animals cannot be found outside the cattle ranch, and are only a feature of the second quest.

A good way to get off the ranch when you are being chased by the farmer is to simply bump into a cow. That way, you spawn next to the portal, making it easier to escape!


The offspring of the cattle are vulnerable prey that provide a varying source of food for the player when hunted and killed. There is only one calf on any given visit to the ranch. If the player is chased off the ranch after killing and eating from a calf, it will not respawn/reappear until they have left and re-entered the ranch. It is not known whether or not this is a bug.

It is recommended that you eat quickly after you have killed the calf. Once you have filled your wolf's stomach, you must leave quickly to avoid the farmer.

It is still possible to "hear" the dogs barking without sound. The calf will sink into the ground once the dogs start barking, giving a strong warning to players without sound. This also gives you no use to be at the ranch, so the better option is to escape.

Cattle rance cow calf inspect (2.5)

Cattle calf

Bugs and Glitches

  • In version 2.5, it is possible to escape the ranch easily by running into a cow when prompted to leave. This skips the sequence that would normally kill the player.
    • This bug was fixed in 2.7. The "chase off" event is completely disabled after the calf has despawned.


  • Cattle calves may be reusing elk animations. This is due to an elk being the calf placeholder during early episode two beta testing.[1]


  1. Though the filename contradicts it, a shrunken cow elk was intentionally placed by the developers perhaps due to the cattle calf being a work in progress model at the time.