Cattle rance cow calf inspect (2.7)
The cattle calf (or cow calf) is the only juvenile prey animal found in an instanced single player--exclusive area during the second episode.


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Cattle calves can only be found in the cattle ranch that resides somewhere just outside of Slough Creek.

When the player enters the ranch in search of food, they must locate the calf as quickly as possible. This can be tricky due to the adult cattle surrounding the confined space, allowing the calf to blend in better.

Once it is found, it can be killed in a single bite. As soon as it lies dead, the player must quickly fill their wolf's stomach and leave the ranch. As soon as the dogs start barking, the player must escape from the enclosure and exit this zone through a purple cloud, which acts as a portal back to Slough Creek.

If the player bumps into an adult cow, they will be chased out of the ranch and respawn near the exit portal outside of the fenced area. If the player has killed the calf and bumped into an adult cow, they will still need to leave the area and return in order to hunt another calf.


The calf blends in well with the adult cattle, but can be easily spotted if the player is depending on size. Be prepared to flee as soon as the carcass sinks into the ground!

A countdown timer will be triggered the very moment the calf is killed.


  • The UV mapping on the texture for the calf is broken.
  • The calf appears to share a similar animation used by idle elk.
  • As of 2.7 and newer, bumping into an adult cow after killing and consuming the calf will not trigger the "chased out" event. This is likely to have been an oversight in the episode's original development and has been disabled to prevent it from being abused. (This is still usable in 2.5.1 and older.)

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