Pack Central is a largely user-run database composing of many roleplay-related activities, both for the game in multiplayer and off-site run on individual websites that are not the WolfQuest Team's responsibility.

Pack Central forum


This forum is the home of many topics that serve to advertise and organize pack-based structures of the many members of the WolfQuest community forums. These may operate on-site, but roleplaying is disallowed on the WolfQuest website save for a single roleplaying thread found under General WolfQuest Discussion, or in-game. Packs based in the game are expected to follow the rules that have been set for multiplayer, or their topics may be locked[citation needed] by the community moderators.

Game Packs

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As of version 2.7, players who have registered an account may create and maintain their own groups, as well as being able to join groups operated and maintained by other registered members. While games still have a maximum capacity of five players including the host, this grouping system allows players to roleplay from within the game without needing to utilise the forums or their private messaging feature.



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