Coyotes are passive canids that will not attack the player or their mate, but are classified as predators because they will attack and instantly kill the player's pups if left unguarded. When killed, a coyote's carcass cannot be consumed due to this classification by the game.
Coyote Wolf Quest by Kali caracal

A coyote.

The player's mate will not attack a coyote autonomously, but will chase and attack only when the player chases and manages to successfully bite a fleeing coyote. When bitten, a coyote will whimper and its health will decrease. Players can locate coyotes by their scent trail while in scent vision, toggled by pressing the V key. They are represented by a green trail.

Coyotes are much smaller than wolves, have a slimmer build and larger ears, so they're easier to distinguish.

Amethyst Mountain

During Amethyst Mountain, coyotes are passive towards the player and their mate, and if approached, will attempt to flee. They are fast and nimble, but they may easily be caught up to and killed by players in both single player and multiplayer


Coyotes have high chance of spawning near a large rock near where the player spawns at the beginning of Amethyst Mountain.

Slough Creek

During Slough Creek, coyotes do pose a threat to the player's pups. Once a coyote has targeted a pup, it will continue homing in to its target unless it is killed.

If the player neglects to mark their territory, there is an increased chance of a coyote spawning inside the territory boundaries. The odds of one spawning vary from small with a stronger territorial marker percentage, and high with a weaker territorial marker percentage. It's good practice to keep your territory markers stronger than 85% to greatly reduce the chances of a predator spawning in your territory. 


Coyotes are skittish and will try to maintain their distance from the player at all times. Unlike bears, this animal will not reach an impossible speed and spontaneously de-spawn. Coyotes are are often regarded as pests due to them being prominent scavengers, meaning they will consume any carcass regardless of whether it was killed by the player and their mate or a group of players if left unattended, or if it spawned naturally. Eating carcasses will restore their health.


  • Coyotes are commonly referred to by the name of "Chester"[1] by players. This nickname is unofficial.
  • Encountered coyotes are always male. Females are never seen. This is unintentional and has been fixed in 2.7.
  • In earlier Amethyst Mountain versions of the game, coyotes could steal prey. This behaviour has since been removed. [2]
  • As coyotes are not classified as prey animals by the game, their corpses are inedible when killed.


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