LifeIsRough swatches

Samples from the customization interface.

The Life is Rough Pack consists of two packs, each adding five new textures featuring various scars, injuries and afflictions such as mange. These ten textures override the original pelts, Blacktail Deer Plateau pack and Lamar Canyon pack per popular user feedback. In an early teaser, the sample palette shown in the customization preview video is a copy of the Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack's samples[1].


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Pack #1

Pack #2


  • Textures in this pack are modified coats from the other coat packs. These pelts display scars and mange.


  1. As noted on the In-App Purchases article as of the 1-Jul-2015 edit. This may just be for placeholder purposes due to it being unfinished, a work-in-progress or it may not have been started yet. • New version: pictures and more Dave's confirmation

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