Eye colors are a customizable aspect of the player's avatar set to be introduced in the anniversary update. The wolf model has been vastly improved in comparison to its 2.7 predecessor, which allows the developers to implement eye colors and further improvements overall to the model's capabilities.


The WolfQuest Team have decided to implement colors that occur naturally in wolves. In the wild, these range from varying shades of yellow, orange, brown or grey. Less common colors include pale shades of green.[1]

Color Screenshot
Pale yellow
File:3.0 body eyes paleyellow.png
File:3.0 body eyes yellow.png
File:3.0 body eyes amber.png
File:3.0 body eyes orange.png
File:3.0 body eyes brown.png
File:3.0 body eyes silver.png


This customization was first mentioned[2] as a possible addition to customization during early development efforts in 2014. Due to technical limitations with the model and concerns over mobile performance, they did not appear in the final public release for 2.7. To make up for this, some coats offered gray, green and orange eyes, while the rest offered amber or yellow eyes, all predefined as part of their textures.

On May 26th 2017, the developer announced plans to further improve upon the wolf model and revealed a teaser showcasing eye customization on the then-work-in-progress model which is set to replace all in-game wolves.[3]



  • Blue eyes will not be added. This is because they are a trait/defect more closely associated with the genetics of dogs. As such, they do not occur naturally in pure-blooded wolves.
    • Wolves noted to have blue eyes may be wolf-dogs. If it is a pureblood wolf that appears to have blue eyes, it may in fact have grey or green eyes that appear blue under certain lighting conditions.


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