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"Limpy" is an override customization, affecting all of the avatar's animations, including but not limited to its walk cycle, run cycle, sitting cycle, resting cycle and so on and so forth. The condition is not genetic, having been sustained as an injury; pups will not display this trait.

There are no events associated with this injury, but the option is available as a customization. It is a purely cosmetic item affecting the avatar's left rear leg.


While this customization is active, the player's avatar will gain a +10% bonus in strength and a -10% penalty in speed. This effect is always lost when replaced by another body slot customization.


  • The override is based on a real wolf from Yellowstone National Park. The nickname "Limpy" or "Hoppy" varies, depending on the individual or source.
    • The real Limpy is deceased; he was shot and killed on March 28th 2008. His official designation was Wolf 253.[1]
  • The override was first teased in a short video clip by loboLoco on October 10th 2015 and can be viewed here.



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