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A radio collar is a radio transmitting device that can be equipped to wild wolves by biologists and researchers in order to track, identify and study individual members of any pack. This method is not limited to wolves and is used for a variety of species.

In WolfQuest, humans are never seen invading the game world, but their presence is indicated by various impacts scattered throughout Slough Creek and Lost River. There are no events associated with live-baiting, trapping, tranquilizing or collaring, but the device itself is available as a customization. It is a purely cosmetic customization that is worn by and secured around the avatar's neck.


  • Commonly, the player may see or hear a plane flying overhead. This event is scripted and may occur if the player is wearing wearing this customization.
    • This event is instanced. Only the player wearing this customization will see/hear the plane.[citation needed]
  • As Yellowstone National Park protects and studies the grey wolves that inhabit the location, most wolves observed in the park wear radio collars. A wolf is only protected for as long as it remains within the boundaries of the park, and being roaming animals, they can and do leave the park, meaning they can be legally shot and killed by human hunters, ranchers protecting their livestock or attacked by other predators. Some may even return to the park at a later point.
  • More than 700 wolves have been tracked via radio telemetry since 1968.[1]
    • Biologists can home in on a collared wolves from up to about 30 miles away by airplane. Once located, biologists record where the wolf is, what it is doing, how large the pack is and other such data.



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