Demo or free trial versions are limited, often fairly restricted builds of the game. 

Amethyst Mountain Demo

The first official demo released by the WolfQuest Team showcased the Amethyst Mountain level launched on October 31st 2007[1]. This demo had a build date of November 11th 2007.[2]


  • In the wolf creation interface, avatar did not rotate and was in actual 3D environment as opposed to being set against a static image.
  • Multiplayer was inaccessible.
  • Default avatar name was "GrayWolf".
  • No fixed camera. Mouse was primarily[citation needed] used for controlling the avatar.


WolfQuest 2.7 Demo

Main article: Versions/WolfQuest 2.7

The second official demo released by the WolfQuest Team showcases the updated game, again showcasing a much, much improved Amethyst Mountain level. New customizations (exempting howls), multiplayer, Slough Creek and Lost River are locked and inaccessible.

The 2.7 demo initially launched on November 12th 2015. Unlike the early teaser demo, this one is occasionally updated.



  • In earlier development builds, experience points were visible on the player badge; it is unknown why this changed in later versions.
    • This later reappeared in Slough Creek along with a new badge showing the player's wolf name and experience total.
  • It is worth noting that only the Mac and Win versions of 2.7 support the improved terrain textures. The shaders that make the improved terrain possible will not be used on mobile devices due to technical reasons.


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