Den info aspenheights (2.5)

Aspen Heights is a territory located in the north-east region of Slough Creek. The territory resides close to elk hunting grounds and is relatively close to stranger wolf pack territory, and is one of two den sites that have a cave-like rock formation which acts as a den, the other being Saddle Meadows. It has an equal distance from elk hunting grounds and the nearby wolf pack territory; this means hunting will be faster, but you're more likely to have uninvited stranger wolves popping up, posing a risk to your pups in your absence. Additionally, the territory is the furthest trek from the summer den, presenting a challenge later on if this location is to be called home.

The nearest elk grounds are close by, as is the nearest wolf pack territory. If you choose this site, your pups will be at greater risk from the stranger wolves, but you would also travel a shorter distance to hunt. This den is farthest away from your summer hunting grounds, to which you must go later in the spring.
— In-game dialogue for Aspen Heights


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