Den info saddlemeadows (2.5)

Saddle Meadows is a territory located in the north-west region of Slough Creek. The territory resides within range of elk hunting grounds and is relatively far from stranger wolf pack territory. It is one of two den sites that have a cave-like rock formations which acts as a den, the other being Aspen Heights. In order to hunt there is a moderate hike, but there is little danger from intruding stranger wolves due to the distance of both their territories at the cost of taking longer to hunt or scavenge for food.

Here on Saddle Meadows, the nearest elk grounds are some distance from this den, as is the nearest wolf pack's territory. If you choose this site, you will travel farther to hunt, but with less worry about stranger wolves encroaching into your territory.
— In-game dialogue for Saddle Meadows


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