During Amethyst Mountain, it is the player's primary objective to find themselves a mate of the opposite gender to their wolf by way of encountering stranger wolves in each the three wolf territories designated around the map. Once all three territories have been visited and the stranger wolves inhabiting each have been met at least once, it will thereafter be possible to encounter dispersal wolves of any color and gender in any of the territories.


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The purpose of a dispersal wolf is to become the player's mate during the first episode. Once a bond has been established, it is not possible to dismiss the current mate; the player can only have one mate at a time and will not be able to bond with another wolf after completing the first mission.

If the player desires a different mate, they must start a fresh game or reload a save prior to establishing a bond.


Unlike most stranger wolves, dispersal wolves are not hostile and will not get themselves into a fight with the player regardless of the player's interaction decisions in the social arena. If provoked, it's not uncommon for a dispersal wolf to flee or leave the player of their own volition. It is impossible to fight these wolves.

It is believed that a dispersal wolf's stats are affected by the territory; for example, finding a dispersal wolf of the opposite gender to your wolf in the druid territory (Soda Butte Vista) will mean your mate will have higher strength. This theory has yet to be proven.


Like the player, dispersal wolves use the same five basic pelt texture options and tints which are randomly generated per wolf encountered -- take note that this does not strictly apply to stranger wolves, who appear to be pre-determined with set personalities based on their coat color and encounter location.

It is possible to choose your mate's pelt color through use of a certain flaw in the game's programming.

1. Visit a Dispersal Wolf once you've fought at least 1 wolf in each territory.
2. Do not go in a Social Encounter with it- instead, stand back from it once you see it.
3. Go back in.
4. Go make that Dispersal your mate if you like it's pelt color. If you don't, repeat steps 2 and 3.


Dispersal wolves have a chance of appearing at all three territories during Amethyst Mountain only after meeting at least one stranger wolf in each of the three territories; they will not appear before this condition has been met. During Slough Creek, dispersal wolves cannot be encountered.


  • Due to a programming flaw, it is currently possible to determine your mate's pelt colour. It is not known if this will be fixed in a newer version.


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