Dogs serve as domesticated companions to and are the pets of humans.

Slough Creek

One or two dogs live with the rancher at the cattle ranch in Slough Creek. They will alert their owner to the presence of any intruding predators preying on livestock. These dogs do not make a physical appearance as entities; their warning is only emitted via audio.

Lost River

There are no dogs (wild or domestic) to be found as entities in Lost River, however the player can find traces that indicate their former presence.


  • In 2.5, it is possible to stop the dogs' barking and bypass the instant-kill shot by running into a cow.
  • In Lost River, only the dog houses in Grant's Glen and Allison Acres can be entered. The dog house in Downtown is small, implying that it belonged to and was used by a smaller dog breed.
  • There are some WolfQuest roleplays where dogs are featured as the main characters, usually having a radiocollar as if it were a collar of a dog.


  1. The Allison Acres dog house is the only one that triggers an achievement.

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