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Donation is a method supporters can use to send money to the WolfQuest Team, who are based in the United States. Revenue received is put back into game development and site upkeep.

Handled and operated by Minnesota Zoo, it was once possible to donate money to the project from a button shown in the store. This, however, was removed during late December 2012 following two announcements[1] made by Cana before her position was terminated at the beginning of the new year.

Donors could select a payment option of their choice and send a preset payment amount to be sent to the WolfQuest Team. Money received was partly responsible for minor bugfixes, site upkeep and staff payment[citation needed] among other things.


Effectively replacing the former donate button, through, customers who purchase version 2.7 or newer may opt to add a tip when checking out their cart.[2]

With the base price being $10, tipping $12 or more will grant customers a copy of the music extras pack which includes the WolfQuest soundtrack, a bonus soundtrack from Lost River and a video interview with Tim BUzza. All purchases come with a free Steam key. Tips given can be defined by the donor. All proceeds earned go directly to Eduweb and will be put back into game development in the future as a source of funding.


  • It should be noted that "staff payment" does not include members whose positions were voluntary.


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