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The Druid Peak pack is an established wolf pack whose territory resides near Soda Butte Vista on the east side of Amethyst Mountain's map where their members are more common than in other territories. The wolves belonging to this pack are strong, hardy individuals who do not tend to back down easily even if they are provoked.


These wolves are hostile to the point where they are quick to resort to aggression. This pack will typically initiate contact posing themselves as dominant, using phrases such as "Who are you looking at?" or "Make my day!" to intimidate the player. If the player responds with the attack command, their wolf will not hesitate to bite the opponent.

They are a headstrong pack that has a chance of fighting until the death, except for one Druid female who usually will submit before perishing. When the black Druid male does not fight to the death, he usually submits slightly below half health, whereas the Druid female will often fight to the death if the player's wolf is a female, but the rest of the time submits at around the same place as the black Druid male.



  • This pack was based on a real and world-renowned wolf pack of the same name. On December 7th 2016, it was reported that the last living Druid wolf was killed by a deer hunter.[1]
    • This wolf pack only features in WolfQuest versions 1.0.X up to 2.5.1 in the free editions and in the 2.7.X premium editions. However, as this pack is defunct in the real world, it does not exist in 3.0.X and newer.
  • Due to a bug in version 2.5, stranger wolves will sometimes spawn outside of this territory's normal boundaries, extending beyond the game world barrier. This was fixed in 2.7.
    • When this occurs, leaving the territory and sleeping to another time of day may help towards resolving the issue.



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