Not to be confused with Human Impacts.

An Easter Egg is a secret or hidden reference added into the game by its developers.

Amethyst Mountain

Easter eggs observed in Amethyst Mountain. (1.1.0 and newer.)

Slough Creek

Easter eggs observed in Slough Creek. (2.0.0 and newer.)

Lost River

Easter eggs observed around Lost River. (2.7.0 and newer.)

Team References


Various references to the Development Team, which is composed of several Eduweb and Minnesota Zoo employees; most (but not all) of whom are WolfQuest Team Members. This also includes the Community Team and volunteers such as moderators and beta testers among other special mentions.

Cinema Art

Clean rip of the cinema building's Easter eggs. The following are showcased:

Anniversary Edition


Easter eggs observed as of the Anniversary Edition. (3.0.X and newer.)

Tower Fall

Easter eggs observed around the Tower Fall expansion. (3.1.X and newer.)


Recurring seasonal decorations. (As of 2.7.3 and newer.)




  • In Amethyst Mountain, there is a dead or barren tree found in a clearing not far from the campfire human impact. This is based on a real tree that has supposedly been struck by lightning.
    • This same tree received the name "moon" tree by some earlier players of the game.
  • The "bunny flower" in Amethyst Mountain is also believed to be an easter egg, due to the change of music that occurs when the player is near it. This has not been confirmed, even when the question was directed at Cana.[5]
  • Prior to the 29-Feb-2016 patch, Beary Angry and Don't Feed the Bears[citation needed] were not initially featured posters shown on the cinema.
  • SlothQuest is likely a reference to a joke Michelle made when it was suggested that they make another AnimalQuest game in the future.
  • The black cat that appears in Lost River is a reference to one or both of Susan and Dave's cats, Sophie and Stuart, as shown by the WolfQuest Team via social media- FacebookTwitterInstagram
  • The bugged moose that inhabits the BCE Facility grounds was named "Floppy" by players.
    • She was originally teased in release 2.7.3 as "MotL", later confirmed by the developer to mean "moose on the loose". (Referencing its location.)
    • The addition of this bugged moose and its location are no coincidence! This was suggested by Neamara during beta testing before 2.7.3 was released.[6]
  • A small selection of buildings in Lost River have exact duplicates.
    • Geo Schaller has two buildings. One can be found adjacent to Kip's Arcade, while the other is directly north-west of Dave's Bowl-o-Rama.
    • Tommi Hortanna has two buildings. One can be found with the moderator and beta references closest to Hank's Ditch, and sits adjacent to Wagner's Laundry. The other can be found directly north-west of Dave's Bowl-o-Rama.
    • Steve Wagner has two buildings. One can be found with the moderator and beta references closest to Hank's Ditch, and sits adjacent to Tommi's Household Goods. The other can be found directly north-west of Dave's Bowl-o-Rama.
    • Nagel Market has two buildings. One sits close to Hank's Ditch beside the $$$tore building. To the north, slightly north-west of the first building, the other can be found close to Tank Town.
    • The $$$tore has two buildings. One can be found closest to the moderator and beta references to the left of Wagner's Laundry, while the other can be found in front of Town Hall.
  • The skeleton and ghost are the first holiday decorations to emit audio.
    • It is likely that Dave and Susan provided their voices to the respective decoration.

References • Meet the WolfQuest Team!

  1. More likely to appear at dusk.
  2. Discovery shared here on the community forums.
  3. Space Wolfs is a joke collaboration between ZeRivet, Granger and valkea. The user writings entry can be found and read here. The astronaut wolf is Dave, as was noted by the artist in the moderators' forum.
  4. This points to the true fact that Yellowstone National Park resides on a volcano, hence the geysers scattered around the location.
  5. • Ask WQ Coordinator- the WolfQuest Live Q&A, Oct-25-2009.
  6. Confirmation of Floppy's implementation being a suggestion that was intended as a joke.
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