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Elk hunting grounds are moderate spans of territory primarily inhabited by a herd of elk, typically spawning within the marked zone. On the map, these are displayed as red circles. On the compass, players can identify elk hunting ground by the silhouette of a bull elk.

There are two hunting grounds in Amethyst Mountain, three hunting grounds in Slough Creek and two hunting grounds in Lost River

The Herd

Elk herds consist of about 6-8 cow elk and one bull elk which leads the herd. Players can follow elk scent trails from the edge of hunting ground territory shortly after entering the area in search of prey. Elk herds can be encountered during both single player and multiplayer in any map.

In multiplayer, players have a better chance of taking down a bull elk by teamwork, or cow elk much faster than would be possible in single player with two wolves maximum. If all players participate in a pack rally, a temporary strength boost is earned. This is especially useful for hunting sessions, particularly those focused on successfully taking down the bull.


There are a few techniques that may be applied when hunting elk which differ depending on the version of the game you play; in single player, strategies can be more restrained with up to two wolves only, whereas in multiplayer you can form a team of up to eight wolves to help you take down prey.

One strategy that involves trapping would be deliberately having elk catch themselves on obstructions (trees, rocks or elk carcasses), allowing you to easily bring them down in either mode of gameplay.

Contributors are welcome to read and share techniques here!

  • Submitted by Teensy: Kill the weakest elk in the herd first if the player has a wolf with more speed. The weakest elk run.


  • This system will be removed in the upcoming anniversary edition update, with a much better, dynamic migration system currently in the works set to replace it.

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