Experience Points can only be earned in single player mode - they cannot be earned in multiplayer. Despite being added in Amethyst Mountain where they had little use aside from bragging rights, a purpose was finally added for this value with the release of Survival of the Pack wherein players can earn rewards based on their wolf's total experience.

Experience points can be viewed at any time by pressing the ESC key and viewing pack statistics.

Earning Experience Points

Accumulating experience occurs throughout normal gameplay as the player's avatar survives the wilderness. The following actions will award experience points:

Slough Creek rewards

With the corresponding amount of points, the following is a list of possible rewards players can expect to unlock after meeting or exceeding each milestone: 

  • 1,500 points- Unlock the ability to name pups.
  • 6,000 points- Player's ‘pee prowess’ goes up 1 level. (Each level reduces the number of territory markings required by about 15-20%.)
  • 10,000 points- Pee prowess level 2.
  • 25,000 points- Unlock a 4th den choice & pee prowess level 3.
  • 50,000 points- Unlock the ability to have a pure white pup & pee prowess level 4.
    Pure-white-puppy2 WQ

    Pure white[1] pup. (Click to enlarge.)

  • 75,000 points- Pee prowess level 5.

Bugs & Glitches

  • In this version of the game and below, there is a popular bug that exists during a social encounter with a stranger wolf. If triggered correctly, this allows players to earn a rapid amount of experience in a short space of time. Since its discovery many players have regarded this bug as a "cheat". This bug was fixed as of version 2.7.
  • The fourth den which unlocks at 25,000 points, East Creek, is known to be incredibly buggy in this version and should be avoided at all costs.[2] Most issues associated with this den have been resolved in newer releases.


  1. A genetic trait passed down from an ancestor grants the first pup of the litter a pure white coat. A common misconception is that it is an albino -- this is false, as the puppy lacks traits associated with albinism. It is unknown whether or not wolves can inherit/possess this trait; many animals with this condition do not lead long lives in the wild unless discovered and protected in captivity to ensure their survival.
  2. //
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