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We’re adding more emotes to WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition — which created a design challenge. With 18 emotes, how do we display them all while offering fast access to each one? Another constraint was that due to the revised control scheme (which keeps the mouse locked and invisible for steering — more on this in a future blog post), we couldn’t leave the emotes popup panel onscreen all the time as we did in WQ 2.7. We experimented with common RPG interfaces for this type of thing, then refined the design into what you see in today’s video: Press and hold the E key (or Emotes button on mobile) to display the popup, then choose an emote from the Favorites category, or select a different category and choose an emote from there. While the Emotes panel does cover up much of the screen, it’s only for a moment while you select a button.

What’s new:

  • T2 (tail straight back)
  • T3 (tail angled down)
  • T3.5 (tail straight down)
  • Airplane Ears
  • Ears Back
  • Growl
  • Snarl
  • Chin Rest
  • Submissive LIck
  • Sniff Noses

This new Emotes panel not only accommodates ten new emotes (for a total of 18, with room to add more in the future), but it lets you customize it by choosing which emotes should appear in the default “Favorites” category. You’ll also be able to assign hotkeys to each emote for even faster selection. (For the tail actions, we know players would like to do these while engaged in other actions, and we have that on our wish list.)

A couple notes:

  • Those last three emotes require another friendly wolf nearby, so we’ll show those in another video in the near future.)
  • The voice animations use real wolf vocalizations, including some from the ambassador wolves at the International Wolf Center.
  • If you are interested in learning more about wolf body language and the complexities of wolf communication, be sure to check out the in-depth International Wolf Center videos at

FAQS We are thrilled to have so many new subscribers! Thank you for spreading the word about WolfQuest 3! Now that we are getting over 1000 comments each week, we can’t answer everyone’s questions, so here are some FAQs. (And feel free to answer other people’s questions by copying and pasting these!)

___When will WolfQuest 3 and Tower Fall be released? We are still aiming for later this year to begin releasing WQ3 but we have not set a date. We will release the Mac/PC version first and then Kindle, iOS and Android versions. Once WQ3 is released, we will return to working on Tower Fall!

___How much will WQ3 cost? WolfQuest 3 will be a free update to players who own WolfQuest 2.7.  If you are buying WQ 3 for the first time in 2018, the cost will likely be more than than the current game 2.7 (so it's cheaper to purchase it now and get WQ 3 as a free update). The Tower Fall expansion will be an in-game purchase (DLC).

___Will WQ3 be available on mobile? WolfQuest is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android & Kindle. So yes, WolfQuest 3 will be available for mobile phones and least some of them, and/or in some form. Bigger maps and more animals may be too much for mobile devices with limited RAM memory. We'll do our best, but there's a good chance that some mobile devices won't be able to get it, and/or we will have a simpler version of it for some mobile devices.

___Will WQ3 be a new game? For PC/Mac, we plan to release WolfQuest 3 as a new app on your computer, so you can keep WQ 2.7 and play either version of the game at any time. (On mobile, we are still working on the plan, since app stores are more restrictive about app upgrades.)

__Will my wolves import? WQ3 will use the same player accounts as 2.7. You’ll be able to log into WQ3 and import your existing wolves and they will remain available in 2.7 as well (though you won’t be able to import a wolf from WQ3 back into 2.7). We are still deciding about how ranks and achievements will integrate into WQ 3.

Answers to more FAQs can be found at

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