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In WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition, mates will not only have improved AI (using the new Utility AI method that offers more naturalistic behaviors), but each mate will have certain personality traits that make it unique. We’ve created a three-axis personality matrix that will affect how mates act and react throughout the game:

Cautious -- Bold Social -- Loner Energetic -- Lazy

There are upsides and downsides to every personality trait. For example, a more social mate will initiate playbows and other social, affinity-boosting actions more often than a loner mate. However, a highly social mate might prioritize hanging around the den rather than hunting alone. A bold mate will be quicker to attack coyotes, cougars, and grizzlies — thus more likely to be hurt or possibly even killed. A cautious mate might be more anxious about predators, and thus more vigilant — but more hesitant to engage in a fight. An energetic mate may be enthusiastic about carrying pups to the rendezvous site but require more food to keep health up. How else do you think these traits might affect their behavior?

Where it will get interesting is seeing how the traits combine for unique mate personalities. Is a social-lazy-bold wolf a good partner for you? What are the strengths and weaknesses of a cautious-energetic-loner? Of course, you won’t know the underlying “scores” of potential mates, but you will get some strong clues about a prospective mate’s personality, as well as their speed, strength and stamina, during courtship and in the new trial period (more about this later!). An ideal mate is the perfect complement to your own strengths and weaknesses so you two make a good team.

Our guess is that there will be some really amazing mates and a few that make you roll your eyes or even feel a bit relieved if you have to choose a new mate due to unfortunate circumstances. Yes, that will be a thing...thanks for all the votes and comments on Fate of the Mate.*

What would you like to see in your mate? What’s the best mate you’ve had in WolfQuest? And the worst? Tell us your stories!

  • Last November ago we posted a poll about the Fate of the Mate, and the majority liked the idea that the mate could be killed, but as an optional feature that players could enable or disable. We are definitely planning to add this feature, though it may come after the initlal game release.

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