Foxes are passive predators introduced in the 2.7.2 update.[1] These small canids can be identified and located by their conifer scent trail while in scent vision, toggled by pressing the V key.


Foxes will spawn and roam at random. They are smaller than coyotes and can be a bit harder to spot in the denser grasses. They can occasionally be seen hunting for mice if observed from a safe distance.

These small canids are passive and will not attack the player or their mate. When approached, it will turn tail and flee. Their agility makes them difficult to catch, being faster than coyotes and bears but slower than cougars. They share the same scavenging behavior as other predators in that they will seek out and consume unguarded carcasses. There is a 50% chance of a fox spawning instead of a coyote.

Amethyst Mountain

In Amethyst Mountain, foxes may appear while exploring the game world.

Slough Creek

In Slough Creek, foxes may appear while exploring the game world.

After pups have been born, they will not attempt to prey upon the pack's litter.

Lost River

In Lost River, foxes may appear while exploring the game world.


Hunting to kill foxes is possible though they do not[citation needed] have a tiring rate, meaning players will benefit from a speed-oriented wolf. They do not retaliate when attacked and will continue to flee until they are either at a safe distance, or until they have been killed.

One strategy is to stand a distance away from one facing it until it is done mousing and comes towards the player, since when the fox is in range it will always run forward. This is when the player must bite, and then the fox will be slower and easier to kill.

The carcass of a fox cannot be consumed.




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