The Golden Eagle is a large, predatory bird with brown feathers, black eyes, yellow feet with black talons and a sharp yellow and black-tipped beak. Only one will spawn at a time.

An eagle appears in single player and multiplayer if playing in a Raise Pups session. These predators do not pose any risk to the player (or a group of players) and their mate.


A Golden eagle will swoop to ground level and hover, regardless of whether there are players nearby or not, near pups. When it spawns, the game will randomly select one surviving pup for it to target; while hovering above the ground, ignoring other members of the litter. It will advance on its target until it has either succeeded in closing the distance between its prey and flown away with the puppy clasped in its talons, or until it has been chased away by a player or their mate. If it is successful in stealing away its prey, the player will be informed that their puppy will die soon.

During the hover phase, an eagle can be chased away by simply charging into it. It cannot be harmed.

Its spawn frequency is determined by the game's selected difficulty. An eagle may spawn even while other predators are queued to invade territory or to spawn and attack pups, further adding to the challenge.


  • The WolfQuest Team have confirmed that it is in fact a Golden Eagle[1], not a hawk.
  • Eagles have no gender ratio; they are the only predator that is deemed genderless.
  • In earlier versions of the game, it was possible for an eagle to snatch a puppy from its parent's jaws. This was purely unintentional and has since been fixed.
  • Eagles are one of two predators that cannot be killed, and the only predator that players are unable to directly attack or otherwise damage.
  • This predator is exclusive to Slough Creek. It will not spawn in any other map.
    • The only time an eagle will not spawn is while pups are safe in the den (left unguarded, or parents/adults are exploring or hunting) or while the cattle ranch zone is active.
  • If the player presses 'ESC' to open the pause interface while the eagle is targeting a pup, it will continue flying.[citation needed]
  • The eagle, just like other predators (bears and coyotes) won't spawn when the player is right beside the banks of Slough Creek.[citation needed]
  • Unlike other NPCs, the eagle has a noticeable seam when close-up.
  • Credit for the hovering eagle image is given to RoarOriole, formerly Shusuke.[2]


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