Wq hare

A showshoe hare

Hare are small mammals that spawn commonly in all episodes of WolfQuest. They are fast and will always flee when approached, but their speed can be matched effortlessly by the player and they will die with one bite. Players can locate hare by their scent trail while in scent vision, toggled by pressing the V key. They are represented by an orange trail.

Unfortunately, they only satisfy a small portion of hunger, and are gone in one mouthful. Hares are useful if the player is hunting elk, since they spawn quite frequently and are more than likely to appear mid-hunt.

Contrary to popular belief, hares cannot be picked up and carried around. Their carcass will remain on the ground unless eaten.

Spawn locations

Main article: Spawners

Players have discovered pre-defined spawn locations where hare are guaranteed to spawn.

Amethyst Mountain

Bunny flower
WolfQuest Bunny Bush

WolfQuest Bunny Bush

Slough Creek

Bunny bush
Wolfquest - The Bunny bush

Wolfquest - The Bunny bush


A dead hare

A dead hare.

  • Killing hares followed by saving and reloading without eating the carcasses causes an interesting bug. When the game is reloaded, all hare carcasses will be replaced by elk carcasses. There is no benefit to this bug however, since the elk carcass replacements will only be worth one mouthful each.
  • Encountered hares are always male. Females are never seen. This is likely to have been a cost-effective option that saved time during development.


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