Human Impacts are a collection of various man-made objects and indicators of human presence that are scattered throughout the Slough Creek map. There are eight in total. These can be found in single player and multiplayer. There are no prerequisites (such as experience points) needed before you can find them, meaning they are available at any time as soon as you've started playing episode 2. 


The following map displays all human impacts (as well as areas of the creek that are safe to cross).


Click an image to enlarge. Images taken during a multiplayer session.

Name Picture Location
SC HIsignpost
North-west of the southern Stranger wolf pack.[1]
SC HIfireplace1
North-west of Douglas Fir Slopes.
SC HIfireplace2
West of the Lone Tree; north of Little Butte.
SC HIwheel
Near Douglas Fir Slopes, close to the first fireplace.
SC HIboots
East of Canyon Cliffs, just outside of elk hunting grounds.
SC HIfootprints1
North of the words "sandbar crossing".
SC HIfootprints2
Close to the Old Oxbow.
Dönerface Rock
SC HIdönerface rock
South west of Aspen Heights, just outside the territory.


  • Dönerface Rock owes its name to the jutting human face on its surface.
  • Despite being man-made, the cattle ranch is not considered a human impact. It takes place (slightly) outside of the game map, making it a somewhat instanced location.


  1. This impact is impossible to visit after starting the final mission as a result of that pack's expanded territory.

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