Hydration is an upcoming addition set for release with the Anniversary Edition that will finally grant players the ability to drink from various sources of water found throughout the game world. This will offer a big boost to stamina and a smaller boost to health.[1]

This will be one of the few areas in Amethyst where you’ll be able to use the new drinking ability in WolfQuest 3, finally sating your decade-long thirst.

But we definitely want to incorporate hunger and thirst in ways that capture essential aspects of wolf life while also improving the gameplay. Drinking water, for example, will give you a modest health boost, which makes it helpful but not required.




  • Drinking (or thirst) is an old but much-requested addition that players have been suggesting for a long time. It goes back to at least 2008 or 2009.
  • It seems this will not be a separate HUD entry. It might share the hunger/health bar.


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