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In-App Purchases (or IAP) are optional add-ons that can be purchased to enhance gameplay experience aesthetically, or beneficially, depending on the developer. Costs of add-on content are typically determined by development time, expenses on the developer's part and quality. 

The mobile version features an in-app store displayed on the splash screen. This option is absent in the computer versions, with the full game (with all add-on content included) being purchasable.

I'm taking a fresh look at the customization possibilities, since we know it's very important to players. I really would like to offer some nice new customization options -- but since these will take additional development effort, we'd make them into packs for in-app purchases. Generally pretty cheap per pack -- $1-$3 (though I have an idea for one that would be more special and expensive).

I do want them to hew to realism and in-game suitability. The latter means that wolf body sizes can't vary much (since that has implications for elk-biting and other things), and I don't think the personality thing fits in the customization scheme.

We can definitely have a much greater variety of coat colors/patterns. I'm hoping to have eye color, though we need to do some work to make sure it'll work on iPad 2 (that being the lowest-power tablet that the game will run on). I'd like to have several different howls to choose from. I would like to improve the tint slider as Shusuke suggests, but there are some technical limitations that may prevent that.

I've been looking for photos of scars and other distinguishing marks on wolves, particularly Yellowstone wolves, but can't find much. So if anyone can find good reference photos showing such things, please link to them here, and we'll take a look. We'd prefer to stick with Yellowstone wolves, but any wolf subspecies would be helpful. Dogs and hybrids, not so much, unless you can find some mention of a similar thing on a wild wolf.


All customizations are purely cosmetic and boast no perks or benefits over other players in-game. Please use a currency converter to get a rough idea of how much American dollars translate to your country's currency.

Players can opt to buy two packages separately or in a $10.00 USD buy-all.

  • The "complete game" package, which includes the second episode, multiplayer and Lost River - costs $-.-- USD.
  • The "extra customizations" page - includes coat and body customizations - costs $-.-- USD.


This gallery is subject to change at any time. Files may be superseded by new screenshots at any time, whether by editors or WolfQuest Team Members to better showcase the customization and improve the article. New sub-sections will be added as-needed.

Game Modes

Content that is only specific to unlocking modes of gameplay.

Name Picture Status Description Availability
Episode 1
Wq1 splash
Free Full Amethyst Mountain episode. Version 2.7
Version 3.0 (expanded map)
Episode 2
Wq2 splash
Premium Full Slough Creek episode. Version 2.7
Version 3.0 (expanded map)
Episode 3
File:Wq3 splash.png
Premium Full Tower Fall episode. Version 3.1
Multiplayer pack 2.7
Premium Enables multiplayer access. Version 2.7


Content that unlocks a map, rendering it playable.

Name Picture Status Description Availability Cost
Lost River
Wq2.7 newmpmap2015213
Premium An all-new multiplayer map introduced set outside of Yellowstone[2]. Version 2.7


Content that modifies the appearance of the avatar or may otherwise be equipped for cosmetic purposes. Click an image to enlarge.

Name Screenshot Status Description Availability Description
2.7 body normal
Free No customizations enabled; standard/default. Version 2.7
Notched Ear
2.7 body notched ear
Premium Right ear displays a small notch. Version 2.7
Bent Ear
2.7 body bent ear
Premium Left ear is visibly bent. Version 2.7
Flat Ear
2.7 body flat ear
Premium Right ear is doubled over. Version 2.7
Torn Ear
2.7 body torn ear
Premium Left ear is torn at the tip. Version 2.7
Radio Collar
2.7 body radio collar
Premium A collar is affixed around the avatar's neck. Version 2.7
2.7 body limpy
Premium Overrides all animations with a permanent limp. The avatar's left rear leg is injured. Version 2.7

Pelt Packs

Content that applies to the full body of the avatar and/or NPCs. Click an image to enlarge.

Name Picture Status Description
Allpacks original
Coatpacksample 1 2.7


Free The familiar original/default pelts. Version 2.7
Lamar Canyon
Allpacks lamarcanyon
Coatpacksample 2 2.7


Premium Adds five new coat textures. Modelled after the real-world Lamar Canyon wolf pack[3]. Version 2.7
Blacktail Deer Plateau
Allpacks blackfootdeerplateau
Coatpacksample 3 2.7


Premium Adds five new coat textures. Modelled after the real-world Blacktail Deer Plateau wolf pack. Version 2.7
Life is Rough
LifeIsRough swatches


Premium Adds new coat textures. Version 2.7


Name Picture Status Description
Howl selection
Free A total of eight howls. Version 2.7


  • The in-dev reveal of the Blacktail Deer Plateau pack is erroneously titled Blackfoot Deer Plateau.


  1. • WQ: Tablet version: Wolf customization options, 28-Dec-2014
  3. Cited from as clarified by Dave.

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