Juveniles are young or baby animals which have not yet reached their mature or adult stage in growth. In WolfQuest, they can be easier targets than their fully grown counterparts.



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Cattle rance cow calf inspect (2.5)

A cow calf.

Exclusive to the cattle ranch in Slough Creek, there will always be one calf every time the ranch is visited. Its location is randomized each time the zone is accessed and it can only spawn within the fenced area.



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Pup browngrey

A wolf pup.

Wolf pups are the offspring of the player and their mate in single player. In this version of the game and older, it is not possible to have pups in multiplayer.

Due to the inability to trespass deep into the heart of rival wolf pack territories, the dens and pups of rival packs are not seen in-game.


  • Although it is not possible to have pups in multiplayer, it is not uncommon to find players roleplaying as pups despite their avatar's obvious age and adult size.
    • The cattle ranch is also completely inaccessible in multiplayer, rendering the cattle calf a single player-only entity.


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