Juveniles are young animals which have not yet reached their mature or adult stage in growth. In WolfQuest, they might be easier targets than their fully grown counterparts, though their parents may be more than willing to defend their offspring.



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There are currently no elk calves in-game. However, they will be coming to WolfQuest in a future update.


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Exclusive to the cattle ranch in Slough Creek, one calf will be spawned every time the ranch is visited. Its location is randomized each time the zone is accessed and it can only appear within the fenced area.


There are currently no hare leverets in-game.


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File:Moose calf (3.0).png
There are currently no moose calves in-game. However, they will be coming to WolfQuest in a future update.

Mule deer

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There are currently no mule deer fawns in-game. However, they (along with their adult counterparts) will be coming to WolfQuest in a future update.



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File:Pup browngrey (3.0).png
Wolf pups are the offspring of the player and their mate in single player, or the host's offspring during the multiplayer "Raise Pups" co-op mode. They are depicted as being around 4 weeks old and were first introduced in the second episode.

Due to the inability to trespass deep into the heart of rival wolf pack territories, the dens and pups of rival packs are not seen, nor do they currently exist in-game.

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File:3.1 wolf juvenile.png
Wolf juveniles are the second stage of a wolf's growth, having matured from the previous pup stage. They are depicted as being around 3½ months old and were first introduced in the third episode.


There are currently no cougar cubs in-game.


There are currently no coyote cubs in-game.


There are currently no fox cubs in-game.

Grizzly bear

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File:Grizzly cub (3.0).png
Grizzly bear cubs are the young offspring of Grizzly bears. There are currently no Grizzly bear cubs in-game, though they are set to make an appearance in either 3.0 or 3.1.[1]


  • Although it is not possible to have pups outside of the Raise Pups mode of multiplayer or define an avatar's life stage (with common examples being pup, yearling, sub-adult and elder) it is not uncommon to find players roleplaying this life stage despite their avatar's obvious adult age and size.
    • The cattle ranch is also completely inaccessible in multiplayer, rendering the cattle calf a single player-only entity.
  • Cattle calves, along with wolf pups, were the first juvenile animals introduced in WolfQuest in 2010.


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