The launcher is a self-updater distributed with the (and perhaps the Humble Bundle) version of 2.7.0 and above.

This makes it easier for the WolfQuest Team to distribute their game and keep it up-to-date as opposed to previous distribution methods which involved checking the website periodically and manually downloading any new updates that were made available over time. Its filesize means it should be a quick download though this may differ based on an individual's selected internet service provider.

Only paying customers who have purchased or redeemed a free[1] copy of the full game via will gain access to the launcher. It is not present in the free trial version and is skipped entirely in the Steam version, in which the client itself has auto-update capabilities, while iTunes, Google Play and Amazon versions can be updated through their own pending updates sections, respectively.


The launcher will automatically check for updates each time it is executed. If a new patch or update is detected, 'play game' is temporarily greyed out while the update is downloaded.

Once installed, the game can be played.

Redownloading & Consistency Check

Clicking the cog on the top right corner of the screen opens the settings interface for the launcher. These settings do not affect gameplay.

  • Download speed can be set to make downloading the game faster (with the fastest option being infinite kBps) or slower (with the slowest option being 128 kBps). Choose the most appropriate option to suit your internet service provider's data allowance.
  • Redownload forces the launcher to redownload files from the server. Ideal if your game has encountered problems with running the game.
  • Consistency Check forces the launcher to re-check the patch files available from the server for an update or download any missing files.


Main article: WolfQuest:Troubleshooting

Please visit and contribute to the main article for launcher problems and solutions.



  • The signpost is a reused asset that appears as a human impact in Slough Creek.
  • The wolf shown in the scene loops its animations in a random order: howling, sitting, eating (may be confused with sniffing due to the lack of a carcass) and raised-leg urination (marking territory).


  1. Free copies of the premium game are only offered by the WolfQuest Team in their monthly contests, posted in the WolfQuest News and Announcements section of the official community forums, via social media and on Steam's announcements hub for the WolfQuest game.

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