loboLoco, better known as Dave, is a WolfQuest Team Member whose roles include game production, management and development with the assistance of Tommi Hortanna among others. He is the Co-Principal Investigator, Producer of WolfQuest[1] and founder of Eduweb.[2]

Dave is also the founder of WolfQuest and its concept, and he is webmaster of its website, Prior to 2014 his interaction with the community was fairly minimal.


Cited from • Meet the WolfQuest Team!:

  • He has a wife and two sons.
  • He has one hound dog, two cats and a Plecostomus fish (named Rock).
  • He likes to read history, science fiction and classic science fiction.
  • He likes to travel.
  • He likes to play video games.


  • His Wikia/Fandom profile is User:loboLocoWQ.
  • He has expressed that it was thanks to the community that he returned to continue WolfQuest development as opposed to dropping it.[3]
    • While there has been no direct confirmation of this (therefore the information here is pure conjecture), both he and Susan may be seen as joint project coordinators.
  • Dave personally narrates, records and edits the footage of documentaries, teasers and the behind-the-scenes videos showcasing the game during the development between some revisions.
  • His username is Spanish, which translates to crazy wolf or wolf crazy.
  • Dave's Bowl-o-rama in Lost River is a reference to loboLoco.
    • It is thought that he provided his voice for the skeleton halloween decoration.

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