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Grant Spickelmier (former)

Project Coordinators

Leah Darst (2008-2013)
Michelle Housenga (2007-2008)


Minnesota Zoo was one of the developers for WolfQuest. Employees who work or worked with the WolfQuest project were members of the 'WolfQuest Team Members' usergroup and wore a cadet blue name on the forums.

Future of WolfQuest

Following the announcement(s) made during December 2012, Minnesota Zoo is no longer contributing towards the WolfQuest project by seeking money to be allocated as funding towards game development and maintenance costs[citation needed] as it did in the past.

Phase 2 originally involved closure of the forums as well as seeing the removal of the multiplayer chat lexicon option. As of 2014, little over a year after these announcements, Eduweb announced plans to make a tablet version of the game and have since managed to convince MN Zoo to allow the forums to remain open. While phase 2 will inevitably happen, it will now only affect the lexicon option. The forums will remain open to provide support and discussion for the new version of the game.

As of 2015, Minnesota Zoo remains credited as a developer and supporter in the WolfQuest FAQ, in-game credits and game manual.


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