2.7 Account Friends

The pack interface shown to the left in the 'Friends' tab.

Packs are a new feature introduced in version 2.7 and above, available to all players who have registered an account and are logged into the game.


In the 'friends' tab of the account interface, players will find a column on the right titled 'My Packs'. This interface displays the name of all packs the individual participates with.


2.7 Account Pack Message Hub
Creating a pack is a very simple and straightforward process. Simple login to your account, click the friends tab, and click create a pack. From here, you'll beed to give your new pack a name. Afterwards, you're given the option to invite players or continue and do so later.

The pack creator will be designated as the pack's leader.

Joining and Recruitment

To join another player's pack, send them a message! There's no way to browse or search through all existing packs, so the only way to find your ideal pack is to play with others and see who is recruiting and who is not.

As people play the game, it's likely they'll advertise their pack or ask other players to join and help them grow. SUch recruitment needs only a response based on interest.

Leaving a Pack

To revoke your membership from a pack, simply select the desired name from your list and click the 'Leave Pack' button. Should you change your mind later on, you'll need to contact the leader to re-join!

Deleting a Pack

Nothing lasts forever; packs are no exception. Sometimes they die out due to inactivity, disinterest or dwindling member numbers. It can't be helped and sometimes that's all people need to let something go.

Simply select the desired name from your list and click the 'Delete Pack' button. Be aware that this action will delete all members from your pack[citation needed]!


  • During beta testing, all existing packs were visible regardless of the creator. This was patched in a later beta build and no longer occurs.
  • It is currently not possible to browse all existing packs.


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