This article is about the player's pack throughout the course of the single player campaign. Progress is episodic.

Amethyst Mountain

For an episode guide, see Amethyst Mountain/Guides.

Having dispersed from their birth pack, the player starts their journey as a lone dispersal wolf, roaming the slopes of Amethyst Mountain in search of a suitable potential mate with whom they will establish a lifelong bond. This is the primary objective of the first episode.

Upon completion, the player can then migrate to the second episode.

Slough Creek

For an episode guide, see Slough Creek/Guides.

With their newly-forged bond, the player and their mate migrate during late fall or early winter to arrive at their destination: Slough Creek. This is where they will find a home, establish their territory and birth their offspring after settling, while also raising, feeding, teaching and defending them. Once the pups are old enough, the pack must travel across the map to their summer home, where the pups will grow up, continue to learn how to survive and help raise the next litter.

Upon completion, no further progress can be made due to the current absence of a third episode. (With funding, this has the potential to change in the future.)


  • Wild wolf packs generally consist of family members, with the parents being the breeding pair and its members either being the dominant wolves' offspring or (less commonly) unrelated members.
    • At present, it is not possible to recruit stranger wolves into the pack. This also applies to dispersal wolves.
    • Wolves are social animals and group thinkers, they only have a hierarchy in enclosures as it is the equivalent to being in prison for them.


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