For affinity, see Pack Affinity.

A Pack Rally is a feature exclusive to WolfQuest Multiplayer. Rallies can be started by any player, however everyone must participate in order to fill the bar within a fixed amount of time and make a successful rally to earn a bonus, and only one rally may be active at any time. The official description of a pack rally, taken from the game's extended tutorial.

Pack Rally
Press "H" to start a Pack Rally. The rally panel shows the name of the player starting a Pack Rally. All other players have a limited amount of time, shown by the timer wheel, to come close enough to that player to go on with the rally. The rally will start if the yellow bar is filled before the timer runs out.
When the display changes to a blue bar and says "Rally!", players can increase the bar by howling, play bowing or wagging their tails before the timer runs out. A successful rally gives a temporary +3 strength bonus to all participants, lasting for up to two or three minutes.

Strength Bonus 
Strength bonus 2
Each player receives a +3 strength bonus that lasts for a limited amount of time. The bonus increases the damage a player does when biting prey. Only one bonus can be in effect at a time. If a rally succeeds while a bonus is already in place, that rally is just for fun and does not restart or increase the bonus.



  • If the player is in a session on their own, they can also initiate and complete a rally on their own.


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