Pack Stats (short for pack statistics) is an interactive menu available in WolfQuest. It allows you to track your progress by viewing how many prey animals -- hare, bull and cow elk, predators -- coyotes killed and bears you've chased off, carcasses eaten and the amount of times you've died. What gets tracked changes between each quest. In addition to progress, it will also display your wolf's name, health, experience, strength, stamina, speed and total game time.

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Amethyst Mountain

During Amethyst Mountain in addition to the above, the Pack stats interface tracks stranger wolves you've survived and dispersal wolves you've encountered on your journey.

Once you've met a dispersal wolf and established a bond with him or her, it becomes possible to view and change their name from this interface, and view their health, too.

Slough Creek

During Slough Creek in addition to the above, the pack stats interface has been adjusted to track your pups' health and weight and your pack's affinity. After pups have been born, it is possible to view and change their names in this interface.