Pepper, better known as Susan, is a WolfQuest Team Member. She is listed as a production assistant and content developer of WolfQuest, as well as being an educator, treasurer and co-founder of Eduweb.[1][2]

Susan is the community manager of WolfQuest. She is responsible for events such as contests, competitions and giveaways, the official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) and handling multiplayer abuse.


Cited from • Meet the WolfQuest Team!:

  • She has a husband and two sons.
    • With whom she shares two cats and a dog. (And a Plecostomus fish named Rock.)
  • She wanted to be a marine biologist and study sea otters, but ended up a history major and later became an art teacher.
  • She likes cooking and gardening.
  • She likes researching genealogy.
  • She likes nature, which she also likes to read books about.
  • She likes hiking and travelling.
  • She was a school administrator for ten years.
  • She is a born and raised Minnesotan.


  • Her Wikia/Fandom profile is User:Susan Nagel.
  • Susan has made some very informative threads relating to the fauna, flora and insects portrayed in the game.
  • While there has been no direct confirmation of this (therefore the information here is pure conjecture), both she and Dave may be seen as joint project coordinators.
  • There are a handful of references to Pepper in Lost River: two separate Nagel Market buildings bearing her surname and one garage door found in Allison Acres uses her forename, though the latter could be coincidental.
    • These easter egg references were first raised shortly after the release of 2.7 in the Lost River Easter Eggs forum thread six months before her role within the WolfQuest Team was known.
    • It is thought that she provided her voice for the ghost halloween decoration.

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