Personalities are a new multiple trait-based feature set to be introduced in the Anniversary Update. This system will primarily affect dispersal wolves, the mate and wolf pups, making these entities more distinctive and less predictable than they were in previous versions of WolfQuest. Each personality presents various upsides and downsides in that they affect the way these NPCs act and interact with the game world and other NPCs.[1]


Wolves may only possess three personality traits with one chosen at random from each category when spawned. Currently, there are six known personality traits:

  1. Cautious <> Bold
  2. Social <> Loner
  3. Energetic <> Lazy

Dispersal wolf

Dispersal wolves (and by extension, mates) will exhibit various actions during courtship that reflect their traits during the encounter. Observant players may attempt to use this to determine which personality traits the individual possesses before deciding whether that wolf should or should not be their mate.

Not all traits and their effects will have been found or observed in the initial meet-and-greet, however; some of the pros and cons to each can only be observed in later gameplay.

Personality Positives Negatives
  • Anxious when predators are nearby, making them more vigilant.
  • Reduced odds of being wounded or killed in a confrontation.
  • Hesitant to engage in a fight.
  • Willing to engage predators in a fight.
  • Increased odds of being wounded or killed in a confrontation.
  • Frequently initiates playbows and other such social, affinity-boosting actions.
  • Prioritizes the den and pups.
  • Hunts with the player. Pending confirmation
  • Will not hunt/scavenge alone.
  • Will actively hunt/scavenges alone.
  • Rarely initiates social, affinity-boosting actions.
  • Will not actively prioritize the den and pups. Pending confirmation
  • May keep its distance from other wolves during courtship, singling itself out. Pending confirmation
  • Willing to carry pups.
  • Always moving. It can't stay still. Pending confirmation
  • Will frequently consume food to maintain its own health.
  • Spends more time sleeping or resting. Pending confirmation
  • Less willing or reluctant to carry pups. Pending confirmation

Wolf pups

Offspring born to and raised by the player and their mate will also possess various personalities.[2] These may be derived from those used by the NPC parent.



  • This system relies on a three-way axis matrix.
  • It is unknown if there will be any hidden traits.
  • It is unknown if other NPCs possess personality traits of their own or if they inherit from known traits.
    • This includes (though is thought unlikely for) stranger wolves.
  • Each trait may also affect hidden NPC base stat values.


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