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Project funding is the term often used to describe WolfQuest's monetary aspects.

Before January 2013, project income was earned or received via

  • Sponsors.[1]
  • Money donated from supporters, including organizations and the community user-base/player-base.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) grants.[2]
  • WolfQuest Store revenue.
  • Site- and forum-wide advertisement revenue.

As of 2015, all of the above are now defunct.

Minnesota Zoo's involvement

Up until they stepped away from the project in late 2012, Minnesota Zoo was responsible for public relations, handling donations, leading the community, running the WolfQuest Store and seeking funding for the project.[citation needed] Their efforts and involvement made it possible for versions 2.5 and older to be provided for free.

As of early 2013, while the last free update will remain available to download from the website at no cost, the zoo's decision to drop the project means it is no longer possible for the developers to distribute newer revisions of the game for free.

Eduweb's involvement

In late 2013 or early 2014[citation needed] Eduweb returned to the project and gradually took over the roles that had been the zoo's responsibility. Consequently, newer revisions of the game are no longer distributed freely; version 2.7 was funded entirely out of their own resources.[3] Revenue earned from newer versions' sales will be put back into future development.

Funding is now obtained through game sales. Players are encouraged to purchase from if possible, since they take a smaller cut from each purchase. One of the perks of this storefront is that every purchase includes a free Steam key.


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