Ranks are a new form of achievement introduced as of 2.7.3p2. They are based off of experience for each individual wolf the player has created. There are currently a total of eight ranks to earn.

In single player, players can see their wolf's rank at any time in the Pack Stats interface - this applies in any map and even during multiplayer.

In multiplayer, ranks are displayed to all players upon entering a session. 

Unlocking Ranks

Ranks are purely cosmetic. Other than boasting or bragging rights, they offer no benefits. Ranks are automatically applied the moment a player's wolf has reached the minimum experience requirement. It is not possible for players to manually define their wolf's rank.

Image Title Minimum XP
Rank newborn Newborn 1
Rank pup Pup 800
Rank younghunter Young Hunter 3,000
Rank yearling Yearling 10,000
Rank skilledhunter Skilled Hunter 20,000
Rank packmate Packmate 40,000
Rank expertwolf Expert Wolf 80,000
Rank elder Pack Elder 200,000


  • The artwork depicting each rank was made by Sambhur.[1] These images were also added to the community forums' avatar gallery.
  • These ranks were loosely modelled after and trimmed-down versions of the ranks utilised on the community forum.[2]
  • A common misconception about wild wolves is that they have ranks or hierarchies. (Alpha, beta, omega, etc.) This is false.[3] Most packs consist of related (family) members, with the breeding male and female being the dominant/breeding pair responsible for establishing the pack. The offspring produced and raised by these two wolves form the pack's members.
    • It is true that unrelated individuals may sometimes be adopted into a non-natal pack.


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