Ravens (2.5)
Ravens are a non-interactable flock of birds that were introduced with Survival of the Pack and are only seen flying above elk carcasses. They serve as beacons to help the player locate an elk carcass from afar, without needing to use scent mode vision and locate plumes yourself. They will appear in multiplayer, single player, Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.

When within range of ravens, their bird call can easily be heard.

In March 2009, a newsletter was released with the following statement:

Ravens and wolves have an interesting symbiotic relationship. Scientists in Yellowstone and other areas have sought to understand how ravens and wolves influence each other, though they have really only scratched the surface of this complex association. Ravens often circle in the air over dead animals, which wolves sometimes use as a cue to find carcasses to eat. In return, ravens frequently finish off any leftovers on a wolf-killed carcass and even eat alongside the wolves. 
We hope to add ravens to Episode 2, so we are holding a contest to raise the funds to do so:
  • If we sell 50 WolfQuest t-shirts by June 1st, we will add ravens to Episode 2 as a guide to find carcasses.
  • If we sell 100 t-shirts by June 1st, the ravens will also land and eat carcasses.
The profit from these shirts goes directly to WolfQuest development and maintenance, so whether or not you find ravens exciting, please consider purchasing a shirt to help support the project.
— March 2009 Newsletter[1]

In July 2009, the results for the fundraiser was officially announced.

Will we have ravens in the next episode? In the last newsletter, we started a contest to sell WolfQuest t-shirts to fund the addition of ravens to Episode 2. If we sold at least fifty WolfQuest t-shirts (or the equivalent in donations) by July 7th, we would add ravens flying above elk carcasses in the new episode.

And the results? We sold 85 shirts! So we will definitely have ravens circling high in the sky to use as a guide to help find elk carcasses. A big thank you to those of you who either purchased t-shirts or donated- your support helps keep WolfQuest going!

— July 2009 Newsletter[2]

In this version of the game, ravens do not land on carcasses and will not eat carcasses. 


  • In 2.5, their flight formation was more spread apart; in 2.7, they fly much closer together.

    Raven sprite.



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