Ravens are a non-interactable flock of birds that were first introduced with the launch of Episode 2: Survival of the Pack. They are currently only seen flying above most carcasses and serve as beacons to help players locate food sources from afar, without needing to rely quite so heavily on scent vision to find plumes. In addition to appearing in single player, they can also be seen in multiplayer, and will appear across all maps.

If a player is within range of a carcass that has ravens gliding above it, they can easily distinguish their birdcall above the ambience.


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The WolfQuest Team first revealed plans for this NPC in the March 2009 newsletter[1] as a fundraiser campaign by way of store sales.

If the team sold fifty t-shirts, ravens would be added to help guide players to carcasses. If one hundred t-shirts were sold, ravens would be able to land on and consume from carcasses. The deadline for the fundraiser was June 1st. By the time the next newsletter launched in July 2009, the results for the contest were officially revealed: eighty-five t-shirts had successfully been sold.[2]

As of version 2.7.2, ravens do land on and consume meat from carcasses. This also decreases the "health" of a carcass over time. Ravens will leave a carcass if the player or an NPC predator approaches it, however they will return when any predators have finished eating and have moved a short distance away from the carcass.



  • In 2.5, their flight formation was more spread apart; in 2.7, they fly much closer together.
  • True to the original fundraiser, ravens can now land on and consume from elk carcasses.
  • The models are actually closer to that of real life Rooks, rather than Ravens.


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