Scent vision (also known as scent mode or scent view) allows players to see scent trails left behind by various NPC animals, such as elk, hare, coyotes, other wolves and bears. While active, the player's vision changes to a greyscale effect with the only colors displayed being those of scent trails. Not all players are able to view the greyscale effect due to incompatible graphics cards[1] or otherwise lacking the necessary system requirements[2].

The feature is useful when searching for elk herds in elk hunting grounds and can be used to find stranger wolves in their territories throughout Amethyst Mountain. While players are not required to be able to view the greyscale effect to locate or follow scent trails which display regardless of meeting the requirements or not.

Each trail is colored to visually represent the animal to which it belongs, including gender and how fresh/stale the scent is. Elk are the only animals whose carcasses emit a scent plume which will never expire.



  • All animals (with the exception of some wolves, adult cattle and cow elk) are male. This is unintentional and set to be fixed in 2.7.
  • With the release of 2.5, scent vision's "ID" box which displays the information of the animal whose scent you are following will sometimes display no information (gender of the animal and how fresh/stale the the scent itself is). This has not yet been fixed.
  • Stanger wolves' gender will sometimes change. Follow trail of a wolf; as you approach, it may display male/female territory marker _ minutes ago. When the wolf is visible, it may display the opposite gender of it used to show you.
  • During episode 2, after establishing a territory as your own, it has been observed that the player's scent markings do not appear while in scent mode.
  • The eagle does not have scent spokes or plumes, presumably as a result of it being airborne. 


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