Shaders are an extra option that provide players with detail such as shadows and water quality. The higher the player's graphics quality and machine specifications, the better the environments and models will look. Be aware that performance may be affected on older machines.

Fancy Water

Fancy water, if enabled and provided the player is within draw distance of any plane of water, will assign some rendering power to the environment's water in the game world. The setting enables semi-transparency and will realistically allow reflections of the game world's environment and any entities including the player.

The option is only available in 'Beautiful' and 'Fantastic' quality settings. 


Shadows, when enabled, will assign some rendering power to the lighting system by realistically and near-accurately calculate shadows. Everything will cast shadows, including entities, the player as well as the environment. 

The option is available in 'Good', 'Beautiful' and 'Fantastic' quality settings.



  • Shaders were introduced approximately in Amethyst Mountain Deluxe.[citation needed]
    • Both fancy water and shadows were disabled in 2.5.1, perhaps as a result of the introduction of time. It is believed that this occurred due to technical issues, funding limitations or time constraints.
      • These options were available in previous versions, however they weren't toggleable in multiplayer.
  • Shadow quality is more pixelated in lower graphical settings. This is normal.
    • Only the shadow cast by entities in 'Fast' and 'Good' is dynamic. Environmental lightmaps are baked across all quality settings to increase performance. As they are pre-calculated, they use minimal processing power to render.
  • Water planes in 2.5.1 and older were assets provided by the professional Unity engine.
    • Terrain was sculpted in such a way that players could wade through the water without swimming. It is believed that this is a limitation; in newer builds, these planes were replaced with a third party asset.


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